Easy to Get Credit Cards – Frequently Asked Questions

Here at SecuredCreditCardRx.com we get many questions each day about easy to get credit cards to fix your poor credit.  What makes secured credit card easy to get is that most of these applications are instant approval.  No more waiting days or weeks to get that letter in the mail stating you’ve been rejected for yet another credit card.  The way these card issuers are able to make them instant approval is by requiring the applicant to put down a deposit in the event they should default on their payments.  By insuring the card with a deposit, the card issuer takes some of the risk out of approving applicants.  Check out our FAQ below to get the scoop on secured credit cards and how they work.

Easy to Get Credit Cards FAQ

Question: How much do I need to put down on my secured credit card?

Answer:  How much you put down on your secured credit card is entirely up to you as the card applicant.  We recommend you think about what you are going to use your card for and set a reasonable spending limit with a little extra wiggle room thrown in.   We highly recommend only using 30% of your available limit on your card each month to maximize the credit building power of your card.  Choose a fixed spending category such as gas, a bill or anything else where you know your spending won’t see a lot of variation each month.  Use our secured credit card calculator to figure out the maximum you should put down on your card.

Question:  How long will it take me to receive my easy to get credit card after I fill in an application?

Answer:  Although secured credit cards are instant approval, it will take some time to process your card.  We’ve found that on average it takes 10 – 14 days to receive your card in the mail.   The credit card companies need time to personalize and print your card so plan accordingly when applying for a secured credit card.

Question:  How long will it take to start seeing gains on my credit report?

Answer:  You should give yourself 4-6 months to start seeing positive movement on your credit report.   If you’re applying for a secured card because you have no credit and not bad credit then you should expect to see upwards movement much faster.  The more blemishes on your credit history then the longer it will take to re-establish trust.  Be patient and be sure to make timely payments on your easy to get credit cards and you’ll be rewarded.

Question:  How long will it take to be upgraded to an unsecured credit card with rewards?

Answer:  This will vary from card to card but in general we found that after one year of paying on time each month we were upgraded after a one year period.  This varied depending on if the applicants had no credit history versus bad credit history and those with no credit history were upgraded much faster.

Question: What is the best secured credit card?

Answer:  Each card is different and some secured cards are better suited for each persons preferences.  Some cards have a lower down payment to get started and some even give you up to 90 days to produce your down payment.  Consider why you’re getting a secured card and what you’re going to use it for.  There are certain cards with no yearly fees that are a little more strict on how low your credit score allows for.  There are others that allow you to put down as little as $49 to get started.  Check the secured credit card reviews on this site to find a card suited to you.

Question: What happens if I default on a secured card payment?

Answer:  If you’re asking yourself this then you should carefully consider why you’re getting a secured credit card in the first place.  Easy to get credit cards should be your end all effort to finally fix your credit score.  If you’re worried about being able to pay your bill each month then it’s advised you take some time to build a savings to use as you pay your card off each month.  If you abuse your secured card then it may mean you’ll have to wait an extremely long time before you can begin building your credit again.  In the event that you do default on your secured card the company will deduct the amount you owe from your deposit and most likely issue penalties and interest that add up fast.

Easy to get Credit Cards Can Save your Poor Credit

Easy to get credit cards can be a real gift when it comes to rebuilding your bad credit score but like every big decision in life you should carefully consider all your options and weigh in on your long term plan to build your credit.  To apply today click on one of the offers on this site and get started down your road to great credit.

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Published on August,21,2011
By Nathaniel McCoy